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BESTONE Global logistics (Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd

BESTONE Global logistics (Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd was established in August 2006, since its establishment, we have been providing a series of international shipping solutions for traditional manufacturing factories, becoming a pioneer in ocean shipping logistics of the Sino- US special line.

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Always, our company specialized in the development of Sino-US international special line logistics transportation, such as FCL and LCL shipping, the United States overseas warehousing, transshipment, door to door delivery, the United States domestic logistics services, is a cross-border logistics supply chain management and a full range of cross-border logistics services.

We are able to provide global enterprises with warehousing services in China: including collection, unpacking, sorting, labeling, packaging and transportation and other links. We have about ten warehouses and professional staff in East China (Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai) and South China (Pearl River Delta) respectively. If your products need to be purchased from Chinese factories and shipped to other regions such as the United States or Europe, we can provide corresponding services for you. 

In 2014, our company strategic layout in the United States, the United States in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York and other important transportation hub cities joint venture overseas warehouse and the establishment of the United States localization logistics team. The company relies on powerful information data to provide customers with a set of international logistics solutions, relying on a good reputation and quality service to win customer support. Through the international service network to solve the United States of goods storage, customs clearance and delivery of the "last kilometer" of the problem, the realization of the United States throughout the delivery to the door service. 

Why would you choose us?

Our Advantage is:

1. Sources of OVS Warehouse----Providing the receiving and shipping, sorting, labeling, palletization, short-time storage etc. warehousing services.

2. Strong Customs Ability---We have veteran customs brokers with profound comprehension on the Customs regulations of the imported country, with clear record on the Customs.

3. Stable time-efficiency on FCL&LCL---Explored the effective& efficient shipping line to meet customer’s requirement, providing the door to door service to Amazon customers globally, faster, easier, cheaper!

4. Choose us and you won’t be disappointed!